Simon Ålander – Selected Works


Logo redesign for the classic Swedish soda brand Zingo. The brief was to explore and create a more friendly-looking version while maintaining the recognizability of the previous logo. I thoroughly enjoyed diving into the brand's history and stumbling upon some really cool ads.

Zingo first appeared in the fall of 1962 as a lightly carbonated orange drink. There's speculation that Zingo could be a revival of Ingo-läsk, introduced in 1960 to honor legendary boxer Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson.

Fun fact: In 1973 Zingo underwent a significant revamp known as 'Nya Zingo'. This rebranding not only introduced a bolder orange flavor and higher carbonation, the brand even ventured into unconventional territories with the introduction of Zingo Choklad, a carbonated chocolate-flavored soda that, despite its transparent brown appearance, failed to resonate with consumers and was eventually discontinued.